30 Days

of self-compassion

engaging the archetypal energy
of Quan Yin

Dear friend, I’m delighted to offer you this 30 day course with Quan Yin, Goddess of compassion and mercy. 

In just 15 minutes a day you can unlock capacities and be guided by your deepest wisdom, and by the energies of the collective unconscious. 

Our nervous system wasn’t designed to cope with the world’s current overload of need.
This self-directed course will offer guidance for awakening your innate qualities of self-compassion, reawaken your energies and creativity, and redirect you to following the path towards your dreams.
In these 30 days you’ll develop a practice designed to engage your intuition and strengthen your ability to connect with archetypal energies, through a guided journalling or drawing practice.
Through guided imagery exploration you will find your own path towards the compassion for self and others that has brought you to this course.
This 30-Day course is available for $88 today. Or read on for more details.

Why join me on this course?

I’m a psychotherapist, poet, author, journal writer, and mentor.  In my years of writing, and guiding others, I’ve become passionate about the power of the Sacred Feminine archetypes to awaken our aliveness and the qualities we need to live sustainable lives and to heal ourselves and the planet. Quan Yin is one of my personal favourites amongst the Sacred Feminine archetypes. 

In my decades of experience helping people to recover from trauma and develop lives of wellbeing, integrity, passion, authenticity and meaning, I’ve discovered that the qualities of the Sacred Feminine are essential to this recovery.

We need to comfort, tend, nurture support and protect ourselves, and others, wisely if we are to survive our modern world and live creatively and authentically. 

In my own life journey, and in my years of therapy with my clients, I’ve found awakening self-compassion is the essential quality for living a life of meaning and wellbeing. Healing the planet, and caring for others starts with ourselves. One of the greatest hindrances to our wellbeing is the cultural belief that self-compassion is selfish and indulgent. I’m here to support you to discover self-nurturance is not selfish, it’s necessary, and that we can care deeply about the suffering of others without denying or destroying ourselves in the process. 

An archetype is a universal pattern of energy and experience that repeats throughout time and across all cultures. Archetypes contain qualities available to all genders as part of a balanced psyche. Quan Yin offers us knowledge of the pattern of compassion, which awakens and constellates this quality within us.


I invite you, and welcome you, to let yourself be touched by the poetic images attributed to Quan Yin, and receive her guidance, as relevant to us now as it was thousands of years ago.

Why consider a course on self-compassion?

Are you seeking relief from constant stress, worry, anxiety, fatigue or burnout?

Are you constantly taking care of others and feeling depleted?

Are you running out of empathy or compassion?

Do you feel helpless, hopeless or overwhelmed by the enormity of troubles in the world?

Have you become indifferent, resentful, or physically symptomatic to the demands on your care?

Do you feel compelled to help others and feel resentful later?

Do you ever wonder when it will be ‘your turn for care’ or when you will feel the peace and relief you thought helping others would offer you?

I’m offering you an opportunity to find a way through the overwhelm that those who care find themselves in. 

Are you looking for guidance to rediscover a path towards living your dreams?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, lost and without direction?

Are you judging yourself for not being enough for all the demands of modern life and the needs of other people?

Are you in a caring profession and feeling burned out by the stress of your work?

Are you fatigued, anxious, and worried that this is how life is?

This course is here to help!

If you’re stressed, anxious, fatigued, overwhelmed, hopeless, lacking creativity, losing sight of wellbeing and inspiration, lacking meaning or purpose in life, you need to restore the balance of the Sacred Feminine through self-compassion. Without tending to the sacred wellspring of vital energy we run dry. Yet our modern world keeps asking us to attend to more things outside of us. 

Finding Safety …

Refocusing inward, to tend the well and nourish the waters within, we get back into the flow of life and the vitality and wellbeing that enables us to give without sacrificing ourselves. This is a win-win situation based on recognition that we all need kindness and care – including ourselves. 

Quan Yin is known as ‘she who hears the cries of the world’. In our modern world we are less able to filter our awareness of global cries of distress. The internet has made us aware of trauma globally and our nervous systems weren’t designed to cope with this overload of need. It can leave us feeling helpless and distressed, numbing out, becoming burdened or indifferent.

Quan Yin can help us find a path safely through the need to hear the cries of the world. She can set us on a healing path of self-compassion that can replenish our vitality, and ripple forth to touch others from a place of radiant fullness rather than resentful or self-denying scraping from a dried-out inner landscape.

If you choose to participate in this short course you’ll be activating the archetypal qualities of Quan Yin within you, focusing on developing self-compassion.

The Full Course Outline

What you’ll receive:

Each day you’ll receive an email with three parts.

First, a poem from the 100 Chinese quatrains attributed for centuries to Quan Yin, and still used to day as a devotional, inspirational and divinatory oracle in Chinese temples and shrines. I’ve reproduced these from an English translation by Jay Ramsay that captures their poetic essence and that I’ve reconfigured for ease of engagement in this course. I’ve loosened the original structure and retained the poetic images.

Second, you’ll receive my guiding commentary, designed to assist you to unfold the archetypal images for the opening of your own qualities of compassion and applying it to your life.

Third, you’ll be offered a daily writing or drawing prompt to fully engage your archetypal imagination and the inspiration and compassion of Quan Yin. This practice is the magic that awakens these archetypal qualities within you.

Journalling is a proven transformational practice. In writing based on the prompts you’ll be directly awakening your inner guidance system and intuition. You already have the innate capacity for compassion, and journalling is a powerful yet gentle way of invoking this guidance system. In this course, we’re priming our inner system to resonate with the metaphysical energies of Quan Yin.

Drawing is also a powerful way to awaken metaphysical resonances and unleash their power within you. In this course you have the opportunity to focus on whichever method speaks to you – writing or drawing. Or you may choose to do both. It is recommended for the best results to write by hand in a notebook or journal chosen for the course. Writing a computer journal will work but will be less powerful as our intuition and resonance systems are embodied and flow from idea to hand in mysterious ways which aren’t accessed so easily on a keyboard.

Benefits of awakening self-compassion:

  • wellbeing, vitality, ease, relaxation, flow
  • open attitude to life
  • deeper intuition and wise relating to others
  • feelings of ‘enough’ and ‘being enough’
  • gratitude and joy 
  • genuine generosity without underlying resentment
  • enhanced capacity to stay open to life and care for others
  • healthy kind boundaries that nurture your being
  • deepened sense of caring
  • awakened creativity
  • meaning and purpose
  • peaceful not resentful
  • recover your innate self worth that is not based on earning your worth through acts of service. 
  • capacity to soothe and reset your nervous system when under stress
  • acceptance of vulnerability and human limitations
  • activating your inner guidance system for insight and direction in life.


Through journalling/drawing practice you will also receive the benefits of:

  • a daily reflective and transformative practice that sustains you
  • insight into patterns and limiting self beliefs
  • strengthening neural pathways to transform old patterns and create new ones
  • developing capacity to be with yourself and to go inward
  • awaken the archetypal imagination for healing on a metaphorical level 
  • awaken to your highest potential through regularity and focus
  • develop openness, curiosity, perseverance, dedication, commitment to you in your greatest capacity. 

This course is for you if:

  • you’re familiar with, interested in, and ready to develop your relationship with archetypal imagination for self-healing and transformation
  • you’re endlessly kind and generous to others but find it hard to offer these to yourself
  • you’re ready to open your heart and develop qualities of self-compassion for ease, joy, wellbeing and presence. 
  • you’re ready to work with the metaphysical energies and qualities of feminine archetypes
  • you’re open to being guided by an ancient oracle system
  • you’re ready to develop your innate qualities of self-compassion
  • you’re in a caring profession and feeling overwhelmed or burned out
  • you’re someone who helps, cares for, or worries about others and forgets about yourself
  • you need a short practice to guide you daily as you build up your access to your intuition and self compassion
  • you don’t know how to nourish or tend to yourself but you know you need to learn
  • you’re ready to take the next step towards greater capacity, courage and kindness in ‘hearing the cries of the world’ and responding appropriately 
  • you’re concerned about compassion fatigue or empathy fatigue
  • you’ve had trauma that oriented you to feelings of shame and a focus on achieving self-worth through caring for others. 
  • you’ve been culturally conditioned to focus externally on the needs of others and been taught self-care is selfish. 

      This course may be for you if:

      • you understand intellectually that you need self-compassion but you’re not quite ready to practice it yet
      • you can hold the intention of being ready to engage with self-compassion even though you’re not fully ready. 
      • you’re willing to do the practices even though a part of you is resistant. 
      • you’re willing to remain open to whatever might unfold.

        This course is not for you if:

        • you’re not ready for a self-directed course
        • you don’t have access to daily email
        • you’re not ready to engage with the daily journalling or drawing prompts
        • you’re not open to the energy and guidance of archetypal energies
        • you’re not ready to accept that you need kindness and care just as much as other people do
        • you’re not ready to relinquish the narratives that tell you you have to earn worth to be in the world through sacrificing your needs to the needs of others. 
        • you resist the concept of needing to fulfil your own needs for wellbeing so you can freely offer to others by choice rather than from compulsion. 

        If you choose to participate in this short course you’ll be activating the archetypal qualities of Quan Yin within you, focusing on developing self-compassion. This is a timeless path walked by many people seeking to find peace and vitality and contentment in troubled times without losing connection with, and empathy for, the challenges we all face.

        Last Words …

        You’ll begin a reflective journal or drawing practice in which to explore concepts and metaphors and develop your ability to work with guided imagery. You’ll learn how to work with poetic consciousness to awaken qualities already patterned within you and waiting for expression. And you’ll contribute to honouring your own self-care and a compassionate relationship with all beings that is not self-negating. In doing so you’ll support yourself toward greater wellbeing and vitality. These are some of the seeds you’ll plant and water over the 30 days.

        Continue to nurture the seeds and they’ll flourish and blossom within you over a lifetime. I hope you’ll join me.

        With you on the journey, Violet